CSET Practice Tests

On this webpage, we provide info on where to find free and low-cost CSET Practice Tests.  Taking a number of CSET practice tests is not only good practice in preparing for the exam, it will also help you assess which areas you are weak in so that you can study those areas with the help of a study guide and/or prep class if necessary.

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CSET Practice Tests

There are a number of great sources for both free and low-cost CSET practice tests.  Some of these practice exams are available online, and others must be purchased in a paper-based version.

Online CSET Practice Tests

The first source we recommend for online CSET practice tests is the the NES Inc. website at www.cset.nesinc.com.  NES is the company which administers the CSET exam.  The CSET practice test available on the NES website features an online and printable, paper-based version.  They include an answer key so that you may grade your own test and also include constructed response questions so you can practice this component of the exam as well.  You will not be able to get a grade on your constructed responses though, so you will need to show these answers to a teacher or tutor in order to get feedback on the quality of your answer.

The second source you may wish to consider for an online CSET practice test is the CSET Tutor website located at www.csettutor.com.  This site has practice tests for CSET subtest one, CSET subtest two and CSET subtest three.  The exams are interactive, so after you submit your CSET practice test, you will receive an email with a complete listing of the questions you got right and wrong.  You may also request a free breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses.

Paper-based CSET Practice Tests

Cliffs, Kaplan, Barron's, and a number of other reputable companies publish CSET study guides, which include practice tests.  These guides may be purchased online at sites like Amazon or at most major book stores.


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