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On this webpage, we provide helpful advice on CSET Test Preparation, including info on self-assessment and determining whether to study independently, purchase a CSET study guide, take a CSET prep class, or all of the above.

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CSET Test Preparation

CSET Test Preparation begins with properly evaluating yourself via several CSET practice tests to determine the subject areas in which you are consistently strong or weak.  For more info on the subject matter knowledge required for the CSET you may wish to visit the NES website and read the content specifications published there. 

Once you’ve identified a pattern of where you are weak, you’ll want to determine the best way of preparing. 

If you do fairly well in all areas and are just in need of a general review, purchasing a CSET study guide may be your best CSET test preparation option.  Companies such as Cliff’s and Kaplan publish quality guides that are available at your local bookstore or online at sites such as Amazon.com.

If you are strong in some areas and weak in other areas, you may wish to employ a private tutor to review those areas with you, or take a CSET test preparation class that focuses on those specific content domains.

If you find you are weak in a number of areas across multiple domains, you’ll probably want to enroll in a multi-session CSET test preparation course that focuses on all the subject matter.  You may also want to supplement your efforts by working with a qualified tutor and studying independently.  Books such as the “Everything Your 6th Grader Needs to Know” series can be a great source for reviewing some of the basic content, and reading the summary and key-points sections of high school or intro-level college textbooks in each subject area may be a good way of rounding out your knowledge further.

For other good info and advice on CSET test preparation, you may wish to visit the Preparing for the Test http://www.cset.nesinc.com/CS13_prepare.asp page of the NES website, which has info on evaluating your skills and preparing for each section of the test.  You may also wish to visit the CSET Test Preparation page on the website of the test preparation company CSET Tutor, which offers some good advice on how to prepare, including resources for self evaluation and study tips.


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